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Ok. Back in October of last year, for the first time ever, I got lice. Yes, it did really suck because (and I tried EVERY kind of perscription lice killer) I had it for over THREE MONTHS!
Finally, I was free. However, today my friend's mom found some in my hair! I was devastated! But, thankfully, there are no live ones. There's just the eggs. Plus, when I had lice before, I tried a home remedy off this site and you know what? It worked! I only had to use it twice too!
Here's what you do:
FIRST: Unless you just found it today and you havn't had it for a while, bag it. All stuffed animals, pillows, accories, etc. (ON/NEAR BED) should be bagged. Comferter and sheets [along with pillows and cases] should be thoroughly washed (in HOT water) and dryed. Sleep with only ONE pillow and just a good blanket so there isn't much to wash (yes, every day it should be washed until it is all gone).
SECOND: Wash your hair EXTRA GOOD in scalding hot (or as hot as you can handle) water with Dawn Dish soap, Head and Shoulders SHAMPOO (any kind will do but NO conditioner). Suave Coconuat Shampoo works too I've heard, but I've just been using what I have in the house which is Head and Shoulders. Both work so it doesn't matter. Also if you have any extra lice shampoos from if you've had it before, use those too.
Remember to wash thoroughly and in HOT water.
THIRD: Apply a mixture of Mayo, Viniger [any kind will do], Tea Tree Oil, Listerene and Hospital Streangth Hand Sanitizer.
By the way, all the products I have named can be found in local drugstores [except some lice shampoos, but don't worry about those].
FOURTH: Place that cocoction into a spray bottle and lather hair with it. Once it's good and soaked, start brushing through with a FINE-TOOTHED COMB to get all the lice and nits out. Do this carfully and wicked thoroughly. It will take a while. Afterwards, place hair in a shower cap and let sit over night. Repeat step Two washing wise and check frequently throughout the week. After two weeks, repeat this process just for good measure. You should then be lice free! :)
Lets review, shall we?
Bag and Wash stuff. Get Dawn, Head and Shoulders/Suave, Tea Tree Oil, Mayo, Viniger, Listerene, and Handsanitizer.
Believe me, I tried everything after I got it the first time. Follow my steps and you will be a happy lice-free individual, my friend. :)
Best of luck to you all!

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Im going to try it today i hope it works i have had this since march everything isn't workng


It works!! I just tried on my kids and myself and nothing I've tried has worked like this. Over the counter shampoos for lice do not work, (in my opinion). I tried the over the counter stuff and didn't have the results I had with this vinegar/mayo stuff! The final comb thru was clear! We are not itching and that is a relief!! We will continue to check in the next few days/weeks, but for now, I am super encouraged by the results! Thanks!

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