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I was diagnosed with Vaginal Warts recently. I found this site and tried the Apple Cider Vinigar. The mistake I made was to place it all over the entire vaginal area. This caused severe burning and redness and soreness. I did this for three days. The warts finally started to turn white and come off but again the areas that were now raw were extremely painful.
I applied a triple antibiotic ointment twice daily to the raw areas and it healed up quickly.
I had a few warts left so I decided not to apply it to the entire area but rather apply it with a Q-Tip only to the affected area. I do not recommend placing it on a cotton ball and leaving it because it become very raw. Just apply the Vinigar to the Q-tip and hold it for a few seconds. I did this several times a day until the warts start to flake off.
Once the warts were off completely I then applied Tea Tree Oil to the vaginal area in the morning and evening with a cotton ball. This DOES prevent the recurrance of the warts.
The other thing I recommend is a natural daily femal Probiotic and a daily vitamin high in vitamin C.
Trust me when I say this it really works in preventing the outbreaks. Oh and I am now free of the virus only after three months:) good luck everyone!!!

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Congrats! I've been dealing with GW for 9 months now and still no relief. Did treatment in the office for the first 3 months with this chemical they use for topical application. Then started Aldara at home. In office treatment worked but was painful and SUPER expensive. Aldara is also super expensive and useless. Been using it religiously and still no improvement after months of using it. I think I am going to be trying this ACV method in hopes it works like it has for everyone else. I'm so
happy for you that you found something that worked, I am so ready to have these bastards gone!

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