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I use to get UTIs all the time & was always prepared with cranberry pills at the very first symptom. After not having one for years, I found myself rushing to the bathroom with intense burning & pain which I believe was the result of a long lasting flu which included diarrhea causing the UTI. I had to be creative & to my amazement in 10 min I was pain free. After first trying a sits bath with a cup of vinegar with no relief, I got the idea to take the bottle of vinegar into the bathroom with me. After peeing, I folded some toilet paper ( pantie liner thickness) pored vinegar onto the t.p. & held it up against my vagina area by holding my legs together. For the first 5 min. There was some exterior stinging/burning ( nothing compared to the pain of peeing) when it stopped stinging I repeated above steps for another 5 min. This time there was very little exterior burning. To my amazement the next time I went into pee....... No burning...... No pain!! For those of you who love hot baths as I do, you don't have to give them up to avoid UTIs. If your going to use soap or want bubbles, use baby body wash. After your bath, stand up & rinse under the shower focusing on your vaginal area. To be extra safe, put a cup of vinegar in your bath water. We don't need to give up our baths ladies!!

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OMG I did what you said and I thought I was going to die. I screamed bloody murder. You have one tough vagina because even after 5 hours my vagina was still burning,especially when I went pee. I strongly suggest not to use this so called cure.

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