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OMG!!!! Thank u so much for the person who posted the cayenne pepper. I have had a huge tooth ache for days now that was most definitly keeping me from doing my day to day activities. I have tried everything from orajel to sensitive toothpastes to vicoden to ibprofen 800's. I didn't know where else to turn but to try some home remedies... The Cayenne has worked wonderfully. I put a few drops of warm water to make a paste in with a few pinches of the cayenne and rubbed it on the tortureous areas and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then rinsed with two swishes with warm water... It burned ever so little but definitly something most can take. About 20 min later the pain has subsided to a very dull throb. Compared to what it was this is great.

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Thanks for putting this information about the cayenne pepper. I tried the asprin, ibuprofen, listerine and Orajel which did not exactly help the pain to go away instantly. Tried the paste mixer of cayenne and water. It did helped to reduce the pain for a few hours. I was able to sleep. Did not care for the burning on my tongue, but was happy with the result.

Bought Cogate Sensite Pro Relief the next day, which slowly helped healed the gum nerves within 3 days. So glad about this. I thought I would have to go for a root canal and repairs. Hate to spend money on items that is pretty expensive.

I believe Orajel works with asprin or ibuprofen, if you use it for a few days.

Used salty water to swooze it around my mouth to get rid of the sore throat.

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