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I suffer from Chronic Urticaria (I get hives all the time and they last a long time). It started when I was 15 and now i'm 20. I get random outbreaks of hives, usually on my inner arms and stomach. They dont just last afew hours or days, even when the doctor gives me medicine. So all I can do is find ways of relief until it decides to go away. First method of relief is ice. It really slows the blood flow to it and numbs the area. I do that before I go to bed so I can fall asleep. Another is baking soda and water paste. I have had no better relief than this. It really cools down the area and keeps it that way without the frost bite feeling like ice. The itch is almost instantly gone. I leave it on there until it flakes off. It also acts like makeup over the rash when it flakes off, it just looks a lot less red which makes me think about it less. Then another is allergy medicine. Doesn't matter what kind just as long as it contains antihistamine. Really lets down the swelling. I also occasionally use eczema cream when I'm on the go. Its temporary relief when im in public. Dont EVER scratch hives! Ever! It will burn and itch like no other during any attempts for relief.

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