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M. Jayy

When I first discovered I had warts on my lady area , I honestly cried. I was very upset. Then I remembered how HPV is one the most common STIs spread & stopped acting crazy as if I had just found out I had HIV. The 1st day, I applied a small amount of miconazole nitrate cream to ease the discomfort & it really helped ! I did that for 2 days until I researched ways to cure them & gather the necessary items. I used peroxide maybe twice which did indeed burn but not badly. To help build up my immune system, I began taking 100% echinacea pills as well as cranberry fruit pills (to help with my urinary system) & Vitamin C pills. I drink alot of water & about 2-3 times a day, I drink pure lemon juice with a tad bit of water in it because I read that the acidity helps as well. I purchased some acv to start using today. I've had the warts for about 3 days now & honestly, they have slowly gotten less irritating. Also, when I use the restroom I use baby wipes instead of toilet paper to help get a better clean feeling.

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I just found out I had these symptoms - anal warts, but small (just engaged and not sleeping together because I came to reality and wanted to change my life... I FOUND GOD).... I am not only heartbroken but devestated... my fiance' knows, as I told him because he is in Med School- but I'm so embarrassed. I'm praying ACV works because my appt. Is three weeks from now... (insurance... UGH). Reading everything, Im scared of the pain. I'm just afraid of everything that is to come from this. I am a sickly girlnand just want to be HEALTHY. I neeeed advice... PLEASE HELP.

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