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First off, I would like to thank all of you guys! You really helped me out!
I have a cracked tooth, half of it is gone and the other half is still in. Randomly I get painful toothaches. I read the comments on here and I tried chewing/sucking on limes, putting peanut butter on the area that hurts, vanilla extract, and a wet tea bag. I finally came across rinsing the affected area with LISTERINE mouth wash. That worked! It became a dull throbbing but it was way better than the pain I was experiencing before. Before that, I washed my mouth with warm salt water. Helped for a few minutes. Then, after the mouth wash, I heated up a washcloth for 30 seconds and put it on my cheek. It felt soo soothing and took my mind off the pain. While that was happening, I massaged the little webby part between my index finger and my thumb, it took the pain away in about a minute, came back randomly though. But all in all, the pain I have now is way way less than the pain I had before. I can actually function. Before, I was about to pull out my hair. And now, I can actually lay and watch tv and write this. Don't get me wrong though, pain is still there. And I HATE the dentist with a passion. Thank you again to everyone for the ideas! I hope all of you never have to go through a toothache again.

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Straight clove oil sitting on affected tooth for about 5 mins works for me everytime. Brush teeth lightly nd swish with peroxide first though. Straight clove oil usually take the infection awag in one to two days. Then make dentist appointment forvas soon as you can possibly get in.

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