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YES!! SALT KILLS YEAST!!! I tried 2 tablespoon of salt with 1 cap of APPLE CIDER vinegar and about 1 litre of water. Wash the area, insert finger during wash... U will feel a little tingly burning, but it will ease up alot!! No need to rinse, (as salt kills bacteria)...

Hold a warm soft cloth with some salt there for 3-5 mins.. Wipe with a warm damp cloth after...The itching was gone. yeast may have too. Let me know what u think!

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I used sea salt instead and didnt burn as much. Felt relief right away just wondering if it will cure the yi ?? How long do I need do this??


I am gonna try this. I hope it works! Did it get rid of the yeast infection for anyone?? Please let me know thanks


WOW..It hurt like hell...but i have too say i think its working. There is still a little burn from the salt but i feel ten times better !! Thanks a lot !!!!


I've been dealing with yeast inf. for about 2/3 yrs. I don't know what's going on!!!! Any whoo just finished 7 day monistat and I still feel like I have the I tried this 2 past nights and I think its working...I feel fresh through out the day and I know by tomorrow morning it will be all done? Do you guys think this cures or just relieves the yeast?

Lisa/ San Antonio

I have had a yeast infection for about 3 or 4 days now. And I have had no relief with the meds I've been taking!!! I read this remedy last night and again tonight. I am in so much pain !! What the hell it can't hurt more Than I'm hurting now. It's 2 am Saturday night. Made the mix but I used sea salt instead. OMG IT WORKED, IT REALLY WORKED!!! Didn't burn at all.. INSTANT RELIEF!! Thank you, thank you.

Wants a Cure

Oh wow. Like so many other women I'm up at 4 am trying to find a cure to thus uncomfortable issue. I read a few post and all Im basically seeing two options; placing garlic up your vagina a few times or wipe with salt. Well I don't have garlic tonight and I refuse to head to the store so I chose salt. It WORKED. Not sure if it cured it, which is what I'm really looking for but it certainly worked on the itch. Now I can finally sleep. Does anyone know if it cures a yi? I have had it a while and its intensified to a strong itch and discharge. Is like to kick this once and for all. Thank you for the help!


BS just made it 100 times worse!!!


OMG!!! This WORKED!!! Im on my 4th day of the worst YI i have ever had, day one i did a over the counter Monistat one day. Helped for the rest of the day, day 2 woke up with the symptoms, got dyflucan waited 24hrs and seems to be worse. Tried this and boy it hurt like hell, dried up tge area and im sooo much better!!! God bless the women who was brave enough to try this and share with us all. Thank you. Oh and amoxacilin is to blame, stay away from that antibiotic, it is pure evil. :/

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