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Concerned Mom

I went to pick my kids up from visiting with family. And to my dismay they had lice.UGH so I did what most parents to I freaked out. I have 2 girls with long thick hair. How am I gonna get rid of this I ask myself. So, I calmly took them both outside and one by one picked every not and bug I saw out of their heads. I contacted their pediatrician and he prescribed them a medicine called Malathion. Treated them both. You have to leave it on their head for 8-12 hrs. And then use their regular shampoo. Comb through the hair with a not comb and get any bugs or its that are left behind. The pine tree oil allows the its to aide right off the hair. It works wonders.1 treatment and they were gone. No need for a second treatment. I was astonished. And am now 1 happy mother.

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Years ago we used Malathion while helicopter ag-spraying the pea fields. That stuff was so dangerous we all wore full suits, respirators, gloves, googles, etc. It was so potent only about 2oz. was mixed in 80gals of water! After the job we spent over an hour cleaning the aircraft. I sure hope the potentcy is greatly reduced if it's being prescribed to put on a childs head!


i wouldn't put that on my childs head

Ciara moroney

Thank you now i know what to do!!!!!!123 thats a step for me!!!!!!!!

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