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Amanda Dixon

long story short. i have INTERNAL tooth pain. i need a root canal. the tooth already has a crown on it and has to be destroyed so i can get said root canal.
heres what ive tried:
1. advil- only works for a couple of hours at most but does help with the swelling
2. ice pack- once again helps for a little while but doesnt get rid of the pain and when your mouth unfreezes from the cold, it usually hurts worse than before you put it on.
3. warm salt water- temporarily sooths but only for a short amount of time as well
4. vicodin- didnt help at all and kind of made my stomach uneasy
5.oragel- nothing except make the rest of my mouth numb. no effect on tooth
6. mint tea- surprisingly yes. and it helped calm my nerves so i could get a couple hours of sleep
7. warm compress- no. and made it worse

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I tried the herbal tea bags and it actually really help with my tooth pain, kinda gross but it helped to relieve the pain. I actually put a tea bag inside my mouth and sucked on it, and it actually really helped me by relieving my pain immediately.;)


The dentist doesn't have to destroy your crown. They can drill a hole in it just like your tooth am di it an out a filling in it. I have had it done. An it was metal an porcelain

Jim Davis

Just sitting here reading these posts has taken my mind off my terrible tooth pain...well maybe it is the 3 aleve I took and the 5 ibuprofen and the cups of salt water and the extra strength oragel and brushing my teeth and getting my dick sucked and smokin weed that helped...idk but either way it is almost gone now...;)

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