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To quit smoking, the most important thing is to switch from whatever cigarette you're smoking to American Spirits. In this way, your body's addiction to all the chemicals and other additives in conventional cigarettes will have a chance to cease before the real quit. If you can afford it, or if your insurance covers it, get deep myo-fascial release massage at least once a week, and during that time, just quit. Try the 10 day master cleanse (you won't want to smoke with it) but just for a day or two. Eat ginger chew candies. After a week of not smoking, reward yourself with some Dr. Haushka facial care products to supplement the skin rejuvenation you're experiencing.

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I used to snmoke camels and would smoke at least 6 a day. I switched to American Spirits because they last longer and smoked about 2. However, smoking is bad and has side effects
Stop smoking!


I have tried the gum. Patches. E cigs. Chantix guess what? None have helped me. I'm going on 61 yrs old and have lost will power. What gets me is people that have never smoked tells me how to quit.

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