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Guys -

Although im sure all of these work in some capacity, has anyone here tried simply applying suction to the tooth (specifically the hole) using the tongue and cheek? Your looking to feel a tingling/nails on a chalkboard feeling to be sure your doing it right. Believe it or not the worse the cavity is, the better this method works. Sometimes it takes a while playing angles and pressure, but youll know when it works because of instant lasting relief. And if your very lucky, it will not hurt at all, then suddenly hurt alot, then it numb (with maybe a little drainage). In this case you are golden, it will be gone for a long time/forever.

Try it :) and youll be laughing at all this other craziness with me.

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I found out accidentally yesterday that this works. I thought I wa crazy til I read this on the Internet.


You are a life saver I can not afford the dentist and have had really bad toothache for weeks after many nights of no sleep I stumbled across this and worked perfectly. You my friend deserve a reward for this.


You are a lifesaver, I was in so much pain let night and I was even considering heading to the emergency dept. :( what do you mean by drainage? I have expelled a lot of mucous from my sinus since doing this... I'm going this is what you mean by drainage... thank you, I can actually function again :)


Last night * and hoping* damn auto correct


Thank you! This really saved me time till tomorrow to get my appointments set- eaaiest way ive learned to do this technique.
1) put toungue over infected/hurt tooth
2) suck in with cheeks (as if your doin a fish face lol)


Hey I found this to b excellent advice..I was up for 3 hrs trying to stop this pain and after I tried your method I was shocked how fast it worked. Thank u so much. Now I can sleep


Omg I was dying it hurt soo bad and I did this and it worked!!!!!!! Thank you!!!


All I can say is WOW! It really worked instantly I caused the suction like you said and a bit of blood and white came out immediatly im assuming this was some of the gunk from the infection. Going on 8 hours now since attempting this and pain is completley gone it seems for good!


im scared to try this. how do i do this? my tooth broke off and the nerve is exposed. will this still work for me?


i did this and it worked...then the pain came back so i repeated the process. the pain stopped. i brushed with coconut oil and i felt something pop!. my mouth filled with blood!!! rinsed mouth out, put orajel in cavity and covered it with a tiny cottonball. NO PAIN SINCE!!

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