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Guys -

Although im sure all of these work in some capacity, has anyone here tried simply applying suction to the tooth (specifically the hole) using the tongue and cheek? Your looking to feel a tingling/nails on a chalkboard feeling to be sure your doing it right. Believe it or not the worse the cavity is, the better this method works. Sometimes it takes a while playing angles and pressure, but youll know when it works because of instant lasting relief. And if your very lucky, it will not hurt at all, then suddenly hurt alot, then it numb (with maybe a little drainage). In this case you are golden, it will be gone for a long time/forever.

Try it :) and youll be laughing at all this other craziness with me.

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how do i do this method


I just did this and my pain was intolerable. It works! Thank you for this suggestion. Now I don't have to go the grocery store to try those other suggestions!


Can you tell me how to do this plz??


please go in to detail on how to do this !!

mary rose

i just discovered this before i read it and it's true that it will works! i don't have to buy anymore pain reliever!


How does this process go..I am in so much pain..please it hurts...


So i did this it all went as you said except now any suction even the slightest it feels like my nerve is being puuled out of my tooth
Any advise now


Try not to have anything touch it. And use warm water. It usually calms the nerve


Worked instantly. Will do at intervals till I get to the dentist. Appointment already set up Thank the heavens. :)


I did this method while reading the other remedies, and my pain is GONE!! I can get some sleep now. Thank you so very much!

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