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Silica is known as 'nature's surgeon' and I have used it to completely get rid of an abcess and avoid a root canal. You buy it in a small tube and take 3-5 pellets of it by dissolving in your mouth near or on the tooth every couple of hours for the first day. Mouth will actually get more painful, but because abcess is being pulled up and out. Keep doing it until you get what feels like a bump on your gum and then pop it with your finger. Then follow up treatment with vitamin c and keep taking silica until you feel you are healed. Initially abcess should come up in 1-2 days, but as with any healing, your immune system needs time, anywhere from a couple of weeks to months to heal the open area. I keep a bottle of gum cleaner on hand in case I feel that area is subjected to too many sweets, colas, etc. It has been 6 years since the dentist said I needed emergency root canal. Just keep your teeth clean and build immune system and body tries to heal itself.

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