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I have had GH for over 37 years. It does not go away. I don't get full OB but I still get them. I used paste mixture but when the mixture would dry and it touched other areas, it spread. So be careful when using anything. I never used anything that was moist because I read that it liked moisture, so I always dry with a blow dryer and keep it as dry as I can. I have tried vitamins, eating healthy, juicing, etc... For me, I believe it is stress. Just recently, I did find something that does work for me, it is not cheap but in 3 days the blisters are nearly gone or gone. It is ACS200. Again, it is not cheap. I spray it on the OB and take 1/2 to 1 oz orally until the OB start to disappear, usually after 3 days. I am going to try some of the other remedies mentioned. I cannot afford to take the ACS200 all the time. I don't like taking meds so I cannot comment on them. Don't eat any kind of nuts!! There is a list of foods that we should stay away from. Check the internet for list. Keep yourself updated on what is new. I wish I had. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

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Where did u purchase this?

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