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Each night before bed I like to wipe my face with tequila and honey and lemon. Then I make a paste with toothpaste, bi-carb soda and marzipan. I leave this on overnight and in the morning I peel the paste, which has set Overnight, off my face. Then I wipe my face with a damp warm cloth and my skin is cleared :) I repeat about once a month for a week

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That's what I've never heard of. Interesting! I've loads of blackheads all over my face and one of my friends asked me to use Pure Skin Scrub Face Wash Deep Action. It's working well till now. Can you tell me how many times a week you should use it?


umm, don't you mean every week for a month. I will give it a try though


honey, thats not how time works


How does once a month for a week not work? Once a week for a month wouldn't work?

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