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I finally got rid of my toe nail fungus. All of my toes were affected for 10 years. My fungus got so bad that I could dig out the whole center of my toe nail with my finger nail. I did that and left a huge hole in the middle of my toe. They were so soft, yellow, discolored, and they were cracked and dis-formed.
I finally got a file and just filed off the infection and then buffed my nails smooth. They were far from healed at this point. Then nightly I put fungus foot cream on my foot which cured up my foot fungus in just a matter of weeks. I still had the nail problem.
I continued this process until the new nail grew out. My nail looks perfect and I am so happy. I am still working with my left big toe because I was not as aggressive with the file on that toe and consequently it still needs time to grow out again.
Tips that made the difference:
I bought all new shoes and socks, throw away anything that could be the culprit. or at least bleach your socks and spray your shoes with lysol daily.
Also, if you trim your toe nails weekly it will promote nail growth and they will grow out faster. If you cannot clip because they are not growing--file them. This will significantly speed up the growth. I used to clip my nails only once every six months. Now I can clip them every week and they are still growing.

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What kind of fungus foot cream?....What's the name of it and where did you buy it?


Hi there. So I just found out that I think i have fungus in my right toe nail. . . Well a few days back I was at a night club dancing and my toe nail got stuck on someone's shoe and got pulled all the way back. . . The nail just feel off but there is some yellow on then thin layer of nail that is there. . . How would you take care of this little problem? ? ?


Since your nail is off I would say try soaking it in apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes every day until the nail grows back and expose it to sunlight as much as possible.


you are first one to mention about it being soft in the middle that is the way mine is I am afraid to remove it. It is like it has air under it. I am soaking it with vingar as I have a lot of skin problems I have lyderm .05 % I do not know if that is too strong to use on the nail or not

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