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Alright I'm 23 male with type one herps on my penis and mouth. Have had it my whole life. My step was cheating on my father and when i was a baby chewed on the dirty condom. Lifes just just messed up like that. Believe I've tried everything. Meds to tea bags to just everything. first don't mess with the sore at all. Don't pop then nothing just clean them very gently with soap and water. Air dry then pour peroxide on the sores. Air dry then put a light coat of baby powder. Dont touch the sores. No masterbating, avoid trigger foods mine are oranges and choclate. Sucks i know. Wash your hand. Okay now for the fun stuff. Vitamin d3, echinacea , garlic i use raw, vitamin c and l-lysine. Take all these i prob take way too much but idc. And now for the secret i have been searching fory whole life tagamet its a heartburn med but you can buy the generic too just make sure it has cimetide in it. I got an o.b. Yesterday morning took valtrex and woke up with it being worse. At one pm today i took my first tagamet pill and now its 504 and i feel no more pain on my moutj or penis. swelling and gone down redness almost completly gone. And blisters.much smaller take 3 throughout the day and two before bed. might have some stomach pains but i cant stand this disease and when i have an o.b. I consider suicide yeah that bad. Im a great looking guy but this kills my confidence. Spread this knoweledge please the corperations dont want to patent this because they won't profit. If you took the time to read this i swear on my life it just changed my life. Used condoms, avoid trigger food, dont have sex during an o.b. And eduate others about this new remedy and please google it urself for herpes use. I am happy witj a sore on my dick and mouth never has it happened before. credit it to the guy who had it for twenty years i read his remedy tried it and its just amazing. Oh and one more thing that could help a slice of raw garlic on the mouth sore. Its helps me too not long though jyst a few seconds. Good luck everyone be safe your not alone

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try to soak on the sea salt Halite or salt rock. melt it in warm water and soak your self on it it works but dont forget your med it work.


cimitidine does not work. I was on it heavy dose every day for gastroenterities (sp) my doctor just took me off the pills because of too many side effects. (look it up) the big thing is it increases man breast tissue! Yes I suffer from man boobs!! Google it!

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