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Having been through all the commercial options for treating colic i turned to friends and family for traditional solutions. You take clear vegetable oil (I used canola) and you heat it through on a stove till it just starts to smoke. Let It cool down to a warm temperature then give a teaspoon of the oil to the baby three times a day before or during feeds. I usually heated enough oil to last three days. I just warmed it in the microwave just before giving my baby. It worked like magic!!!

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Isn't heated vegetable oil responsible for changing DNA and cancer?? I would never give that to a baby. Why should it be heated?


Marjolein is correct. Heating unsaturated fats (which is most vegetable oils) produces trans fat and creates
free radicals. Free radicals promote disease and can interfere with many parts of the body including DNA!


Any home remedy where u give a some strange object to a baby oraly is darn crazy and should not be followed.


WTF?!?! You're sorry, dude!


Oh no very bad suggestion


It is likely to get some results in some cases *not all* using a small amount of oil. However, only use coconut oil or olive oil (unheated). Canola oil is a destructive toxic oil straight out of the bottle, and heating any oil till it smokes corrupts it even more. Thanks for sharing :)

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