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TEA BATH: This is an old trick and it works for most people. Ok, here's what I do...

1) Put a foot soaking basin on the floor (and a towel). Add one quart of cool water to the basin.
2) Boil a separate quart of water.
3) After it boils, turn off heat. Put four tea bags in the water & give it a stir.
4) Let the tea bags steep for ten to fifteen minutes - the tea cannot be too strong (the stronger the better).
5) Pour “Foot Tea” into the basin of cool water.
6) Soak feet for 30 minutes in warm to cool tea.
7) Repeat this daily for one week - Make a fresh batch everyday.

Afterwards, most people only have to repeat this maybe once or twice monthly. You just have to see how it works for you. You can do the same if you have sweaty palms - soak your hands too. The tannins have a drying effect and also kill the odor causing bacteria. Also, be sure to give your shoes a rest - Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. Wash your feet with an antibacterial soap and dry them well the rest of the time. Hope this helps someone else - it's worth it.

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This truly works!! It was also on Dr. Oz show!!!!

Thanks for posting something that really works :)


What kind of tea do you use?


What type of tea does it have to be. Can it be Herbol tea??


Black tea

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