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40 yo

ok, over a year dealing w genital warts. this post is for the guys out there. girls, i feel so bad for you and your problem...i cannoy comment because i dont have your parts. guys, the only way these little bastards go away is burning them off with freeze away, even generic will work, when and if they return burn them off again. end of story. i tried acv, duct tape, t tree oil, vitamin e, the list goes on. JUST BURN THEM SUCKERS OFF. NO OTHER CURE WILL WORK!! yes, you will scab up but it will work. also, the directions say leave on 20 seconds, but when this is done at dr. office, they burn them for 40 seconds, then thaw and burn same spot again for 40 seconds. some people may not be able to go that long but thats how its done. also guys dont use on the head of penis. i didnt have to, but i read its a no no. best wishes!!

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I've been doing just that.. They are on the base of my penis. There are multiple small ones in the same area.. Around 8-9. Probably the size of a very small black mole but flat. It's not going away completely. Am I doing it wrong? how did u do it step by step? Thanks I appreciate it deeply.


hey i have them at the tip were all the vanes are when you get a hard on git themsprayed and hurt like hell but works.

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