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Okay so I searched several websites and several options to avoid pesticides. I had a garage full of fleas everytime I went to the washer and dryer it was a nightmare. And slowly some drifted indoors. I started to combine several of people's suggestions. I tried a mixture of borax, powdered salt, and baking soda let it sit for a few days I went in and swept the pile up bagged it several times and threw it away (IT KILLED THEM). I then grabbed dawn dish soap and pine sol and started to mop my garage floor and house floors. I then made a concoction of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar and sprayed my house, my garage walls, and everything I could spray especially our dogs. I then powdered the carpet with baking soda and I am happy to say I have a clean garage. I have a few compared to the infestion I won't leave it to chance and I will continue to use these items continuously. I have boiled lemons and use it as a cleaner, since fleas hate that citrus smell, plus if my boys get a hold of it I don't have to worry because it is non toxic. I use the lemon rinds and place them in my garage. I am really happy with the results and thought I should share, plus dawn dish soap is great for washing fleas off the pets and chlorine water knocks them off but that is suggested once a week since the cholorine will dry their skins. Hope I could be of some help my next goal is to plant lemon grass and eucalyptus around my home to keep my yard flea free.

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Tea tree oil can be poisonous to dogs! It can be deadly!


how about white vinegar??


I accepted some boxes from a friend who was moving and before I knew it, I was TOTALLY infested with fleas! After battling them with pesticides,(which made me uncomfortable once we got a dog) borax, salt, diatomaceous earth.. I finally came across Neem oil! Despite its woody, funky smell, which doesn't linger, it works amazingly well! It also leaves wood floors with a beautiful shine! I mix it with lemon scented soap and it kills fleas, and also can be used regularly till shampoo or as a repellent on dogs.

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