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I get really bad heartburn when I drink low alcohol contented drinks, such as wine coolers and daiquiris and so forth. I have found that just one stick of celery will do wonders and make the pain go away within minutes because of it's fast stomach acid absorption properties. I was in so much pain, when having a few evening cocktails the other night, and ate a few stalks of celery and I was completely pain free and able to 'use' my cocktails for the evening relaxation they were intended.

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I just ate a piece of celery and my heartburn was gone. I couldnt believe it. Thank you whoever posted this.


I just woke up its chest was killing me and I read this, I had no honey, or baking soda or celerey or any of that but I read that the baking soda is supposed to make you burp and make it go away..I can make myself burp so I did it a few times and it burned REALLY bad, but now the pain isn't anywhere near what it was...hopefully it'll hold me off until the trip to the gas station in the morning for some Zantac

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