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Okay. So about a year ago I developed a very large boil on my ribcage and it was incredibly painful, to the point where I couldn't even move. I went to doctors and I kid you not he cut and drained for so many appointments that I actually lost count (I'm now left with a horrible scar mind you) he prescribed me antibiotics and all that, I completed the whole course but before I knew it I had a small series of boils appear on my back and area above my buttocks. They were smalled and healed on their own. Months went by and I had small ones on and off but then one day I had an outbreak, an absolute outbreak! I had three on my elbow, one on my knee, four under my buttocks on my thigh, and around seven on my actuall buttocks. It was painful and I suffered through it, I tried EVERY SINGLE HOME REMEDY! But what do you know it, NONE of it worked. The outbreak sloooooowly but surely healed. I was okay for a while but it continued I just kept getting boils over and over again, in the same places and in new places. I tried continuosly with the home remedies, I tried them all once again, every single one of them. I went to the doctors yet again and she gave me another course of antibitiocs, I took blood tests and all the rest. The antibiotics did not work and I got boils once again, but then it happened I got carbuncles, absolutely huge, golf ball sized carbuncles so big and painful that I couldn't even move. I went to the doctors in tears and once again she gave me anitobitocs and sent swabs away etc. But of course the antibiotics did not work and the swabs prooved nothing. So I suffered on my own for months until one day I came across the cure. Are you ready for it? You wont believe it..... DRINK WATER! lots and lots and lots and lots of water! It wont make your boils magically dissapear but it will prevent them from coming back.
I kid you not, I had horrible outbreaks and I have the scars to proove it. Something so simple as smashing the water everyday AND moisterising your skin with lotion healed me.

So to everyone suffering, if you want to stop it from happening over and over again.... Drink water LOTS and moisterise your skin.

Simple, huh.

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Its amazing how many things water will cure. I'm broke out in boils. Now that you mention it... I've done lots of strenuous activity in the heat and my skin had gotten very dry. Hmmm.


Makes you think doesn't it. After I found the cure I suddenly thought back to my first outbreak and I remembered it was during a time where I was working out quite a lot to get in shape for an event.
But I stick too my cure. I never used to drink water but these days I make a point to drink as many glasses as I can and I've never had another outbreak since!!!
In saying that though, I'm sure everyones body reacts differently. But I hope this advice helps you as much as it as helped me!


I eat raisins everyday as this helps me from breaking out.. I've dealt with them my whole life...


I drink a tun of water and i still get them all the time!


not true i have been getting boils for four years and all i do is drink water. im on antibiotics and that has been working great.

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