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On a recent Search and Rescue (SAR) exercise we pushed our way through some of the thickest, nastiest parts of a wildlife area. Fortunately no ticks, but oh my gosh I am eaten alive with chiggers. Next time I will skip the equine bug spray my team mate used on me and stick with my DEET spray. Now that I have them again I am going to use my tried and true 'cure' for chiggers learned in my Boy Scout days. I will take a long, hot bath with Fels Naptha soap. It may not be easy to find. I found mine at a hardware, not Lowe's or Home old-fashioned one. I also like using a sunburn spray that has lidocaine in it. The higher percentage the better.

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You can buy Fels Naptha soap at any grocery store, in the laundry aisle, it's just a bar of soap, very cheap, under $2.00!


I buy Fels Naptha at Walmart! Luckily I still have some around here. THANK YOU! I am dying of chigger bite itching!

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