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This REALLY worked for me it is about figure eight motions. Everyone knows how a skater makes a figure eight.. Well basically you want to do this standing up or sitting down¡K.stick your LEFT ARM ONLY straight out to your side and in the air (like your trying to fly like an airplane) make a figure eight motion. Make it as wide as comfortably can 15-20 times, 3-4 times a day. One of those times should be right before bed. The same goes for the left leg you can do it sitting or standing make the figure 8 with your LEFT LEG ONLY. Both the arm and leg figure eight should be done side ways not up & down. (DO NOT do this with your right leg or arm). If rls acts up at night do the exercises¡¦ again. Hope I explained this well, this has really worked for me within 4 nights I have tried EVERYTHING, soap, baths, crying ect¡KOnly drugs worked for me but who has 12+ hours to sleep a day?? Give it a try¡K please let me know after a week if it worked Thanksƒº and goodnightƒº zzzzzzzzzzz, finally!

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Where did you find the information about this figure 8 exercises? Why are they done only on the left? Do you swing your arm down and to the front then up toward your head before you go down and the back then up toward the head again? I'm just trying to picture it.


Hi Cakes,
You posted this back on 12/7/2. I want to thank you! Recently I was up during the night in great discomfort because of RLS. I have tried everything. I read your suggestion about making figure eight motions. You described it very well. It worked. I could feel the effect immediately. I wonder how you heard of this. I was completely amazed.


Same here. I was struggling with RLS last night. Nothing was working. I did the figure 8s and voila! No more RLS. Thank you so, so, much!!!!!!!


It's Cakes...a natural neurologist taught me the figure eight exercise...over the years I learned also magnesium is a huge issue for me I take it daily. When I skip doses it starts up again. I also believe low iron can effect sure to get


Your vitamin levels checked by your doctor you need to ask they just don't offer it up. Insurance should cover it.

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