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Heyy girls/guys.
I'm 16 years old, I was recently diagnosed with herpes. I started feeling pain the day after of my sexual encounter. I didn't start getting bumps till 2 days after. My mother rushed me to urgent care and they gave me Valtrex cream, but I was only given a small amount. The Valtrex eased the pain and helped some of the redness go away. unfortunately, after using the entire tube with no refills it didn't clear up. They also gave me medication to speed up the healing. At first I tried diaper rash cream, which helped with the burning. I also used wipes that contained witch hazel , those burn when you wipe but effectively work! I use them everyday, several times. Also, when I urinate I understand it burns so what I did was put on gloves and urinate in the shower over the drain and spray as I was peeing which really helped with the burning. I would then use dove soap and then the witch hazel wipes after I rinsed off the soap. I highly recommend an Epsom salt bath! I recently tried tea tree oil which burned but helped clear it up some. I really suggest corn starch! I started using that today and they're already starting to dry up! It's really a miracle worker and dries it up instantly. I really hope this helps! Stay strong, everything will turn out okay<3

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you are so very young, you must live with this for the rest of your life and let me tell you, it's not a pleasant thing. I contracted herpes in 1989 and still have many outbreaks each year. I have never found anything that works well, even trying many home remedies over the years. I do find that if your immune system is run down and you have a lot of chocolate/caffeine/too much sun/masturbate too often, you'll get an outbreak...since i've had it this long, i know how to handle it and watch those specific things...i have been married for 20 years to a great guy who has never contracted it from me. I am blessed! It's been no picnic for me though...if i can recommend anything to you young people, keep the area dry and clean and if you touch yourself in that area, immediately wash it with antibacterial soap. It can spread like wild fire..i take a stress tab vitamin daily to help with outbreaks. when i do have an outbreak, my body is telling me to slow down and get my immune back in order so it's always a wake up call. Never ever risk any of your partners to this, if you're itching down there, it's the innitial sign that the sores are about to come..never have sex or any activities during any of those days and all though the outbreak heart breaks for all of you that are so young and must live with this for the rest of your's been over 23 years for me....and awful. Good luck to you...

Recently diagnosed n need help

What do you do with the corn starch?


I know this will sound strange but i started putting raw bleach on mine a year ago and ive only had 1 out breAk since then and it was only 1small pimple hopefully this will kill the viruses as they come to top of the skin,bleach doesnt burn either.


I am amazed that you at 16 years old took this so well! I found out that I had genital herpes when I was 17 years old and I'm now 22. You really inspire me that you can still have life... xoxo

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