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Thank you so much to those of you that posted the use of clove oil to reduce dry socket pain. I used the stuff in the Red Cross kit and it was amazing! Prior to that I had taken prescription Vicodin and it barely took the edge off the pain for an hour or so! I was scared to try to Eugenol oil because I know it burns but ..... it's amazing was desperation can do! I used the cotton ball in kit put some oil on it and squeezed off the excess before placing it on the extraction site for half a minute. The relief was unbelievable. Within a few minutes I could think again! I did get some on my lip but quickly diluted it with olive oil and the burning sensation soon went.
Thanks again to those of you that recommended this remedy - I don't know how I would have survived the 24 hours I needed to get through before being able to see my Dentist on Monday!

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