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im a 22 year old female. I was diagnosed with a mild case of GH yesterday. my OB started on monday and its extremely painful so i came to this site to try to find remedies to go along with my acylovir. i decided to buy garlic pills along with bee propolis 10% tincture extract to try with all my vitamins. I took some of the extract orally and applied some to a cotton ball and put it on my OB. after the stinging from the alcohol dissapated, THE PAIN WENT AWAY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!! i am sold on bee propolis! Im really sad that i contracted GH, but if i am able to prevent outbreaks with remedies and vitamins and a healthy lifestyle, i think everything will be ok.

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Lisine suppliment is a real help with this disease . It's an amino acid all natural & organic & it works when taken as the bottle directs . It has gotten me through all my breakouts. I am learning to meditate & keepp my strees level down now as stress causes it to surface faster then anything . Its a common horrble disease which should have been cured a long time ago. Instead we make bombs & go to war. What a screwed up priority . Funds to kill instead of curing & helping people . Go figure.


Hi I have a question I have not gone to tje dr. But I will I just wamt to know what you all think. So every now and then I get 1 or 2 sores but tjey do not hurt unless I'm drying off after I pee or shower and also it does not itch at all. Does anyone else with GH have brakeouts like that or do yoi think I have something else?

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