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lo lol from chicago

My first mistake was thinking they were just pimples... I literally cut them off with toe nail clippers. Which actually didn't hurt but a hard white substance came out leaving a pit like hole on my skin and I cleaned the area with peroxide.

Well needless to say it spread even onto my thighs!

At first I thought it was herpes.. but herpes have a clear liquid the comes out and are softer. while warts are slightly harder with solid white substance..

I've done apple cider vinger.. putting it on large bandaid and small depending on the area and leaving them on for a few hours... its kind of hard to walk with them because you want to be able to move your legs.. this works but the main thing I use is...

Wart remover from the store.. even though it says don't use on gential warts I do it anyway. I don't have them on the inside or on my vaginal lips and I wouldn't recommend putting the wart remover on there!!!!! I use clean q-tips that u dip in the wart remover or brush it on. Don't double dip! put it on the top of the wart and try to cover it as much as you can without getting it on your regular skin... it will burn alittle (I have a high pain tolerance) for maybe 3 minutes... I let myself air dry so I don't get it all over my underwear.. I do this once or twice a day..

I also wipe myself with rubbing alcohol or peroxide to keep myself clean.. I use tea tree oil once in awhile but only at night because it smells..

I feel wart remover works the best.. I have the fastest results..

Pray helps too... good luck! :)

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I have a very bad case of GW and have been diagnosed by the dr. But given I dont have insurance its expensive to treat by the dr. Please let me know how well the wart removed worked...Im very embarrassed to tell people I know and tell anyone new I date. Id like to clear them up as best as I can. I created an email address that you can email me at if you can.

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