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I just turned 22 years old and about a week ago discovered I had herpes. For some reason I am very calm about the situation, a little worried about ever finding a man or infecting my child but I am trying to make the best of the situation. Luckily my herpes is not painful and the sores or my mouth are not very visible. I am not curently taking any medicines but I would like to start soon. Only thing I feel is a tingling sensation on my mouth sometimes. So far I've tried medicated blistex for cold sores and a medicated cold sore treatment I got from dollar general, very cheap and from what I've seen helpful. The cold sore treatment tingles for a few seconds but to me that means its working! I would like to try natural ways and medication to see which works better. I would also like to find a friend to go through this with and talk to each other whenever feeling down. We are not nasty people, well at least I know I'm not I jus made a mistake having sex with someone I barely knew without a condom, this Is one of the biggest mistakes of my life but I have learned a great lesson and I know that soon I will be outbreak free and live the best life I can live! Oh yeah this shit makes me very sleep all the time, does anybody else go through that and what do you do for it?

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Hi faith i just found ur comment while randomly on google n omg how it made me feel better!! I too am goin throo the same thing as you and noticed that u would like a friend to speak to about this wen u get down etc, i feel th same and feel that i have just found the ryt person to be my friend in all this. I am 19 n also a woman in ur situation, im not sure if ill find this site again as i am on my fone so i shall leave u my e-mail address...get in touch, it culd be a gd thing for both of us. E-mail: excuse the addy i.made it wen i was young plus my name is goin t be anonymous bt i shall tell u in email lol

another inocent woman

I just found out I had herpes ! I were goin with this 23 year old boy and I feel in love with him so we were together for about a couple of months and he had started back cheating on me with his ex and she called my phone and told me he had the herpes so I didn't pay her any attention until my lips were real sore and they darken up so I got all type of bilster meds. And my tongue were swoll and than I had the worset itch down their went to the doctor that Friday and they called me that Monday and me and the guy had broke up about a month and I asked him before hand did he have the herpes and he didn't say yes and he didn't say no ! So now my life is ruined I can't tell no one that I have the herpes because it might make them look @ me differently and I'm scared to tell anyone so now I feel like I'm goin to be alone for the rest of my life and I'm hurtin so bad in the inside and when I finally got in contact with my ex to ask him why he ruined my life he says he haven't gave me anything and he was the only man I was sleepin with so now I have to be very careful around my children. I can't kiss my kids I'm sometimes scared to hug them to be honest . When I wash my clothes I washed my closed seperate from my children clothes the bath cloths I used I don't let them used them after I washed them ... its so hard to tell my oldest 2 kids what I have and they are in high school I'm so upset with myself lettin a young boy give me such diease but I just hate the itchin aand burnin can someone please helpp me with that ! Thanks a lot. For listening tomy story ! And it should be some way when a person don't tell u that they have a diease they should get arrested for givin a diease like this to someone else and knowin that woman could past it to her children! It should be a law !


Plz don't feel bad. I have the same worries about passing it to my son....I want to kiss him so bad sometimes.. I just kiss him on his shirt. But I've talked to my dr and did you know that chickenpox is a form of herpes and so is shingles, everybody gets chickenpox and once its in your system it never leaves and that's when it could possibly turn into shingles. So basically everybody has herpes in one way or another. That made me feel so much better. It made me feel less nasty about myself. Just take care of yourself and you will be okay. I haven't had an OB since I found out, you can't stress out or it will make it worse. Keep living life find something else to focus new thing is losing weight. Having herpes makes me want to take better care of myself so I don't have any OB's. Right now I feel like I have it good. No pain only a little tiggleing on my mouth sometimes, I don't even take medince for it.

mel b

I don't have a home remedy but I can definitely relate to ur story.. we are around the same age. And I have never been the type of person to just sleep around unprotected.. I thought I was in love with this guy and I even though he went to the client and got tested it didn't show in his lab results that he had the virus.. he was my first I gave him my virginty and now I've contracted something I can't get rid of. His attitude is so different from mine..its almost like it doesn't bother him.. I try to be positive about this situation but it hard, everytime I get an outbreak I get mad because I pregnant and I don't get any support from the guy that gave me this shit.


I have been where you guys have been. I am now 30 and found out about 4 years ago that I have type 1 and type 2 herpes. I also contracted it from my ex. Was with him for 8 years and he cheated on me so many times but I was to weak to do anything about it. I finally left him 3 years ago. I still get outbreaks and I am on daily medication to suppress outbreaks from happening. I can tell you this YOU CAN STILL HAVE A NORMAL LIFE....since I was diagnosed I went to VET school. Met a real man that I married a year ago and he is completely aware of the situation. I still have my days where I feel like a diseased person and nobody should be around me especially since I got put on daily medication. Remember to take care of yourself. Stress is a big trigger for me so try to not put yourself in stressful situations. I talked to my doctor a bunch about how I feel about this and she told me that a large percent of the population has some type of herpes complex so you shouldn't feel like you are the only one.


I'm a male and I just found out I have HSV2. I trusted the wrong woman and now my life is done. I don't want to EVER touch another person because I don't want anyone to feel as bad as I do. I wash my hands constantly and I found Herpicin L for my lips. It's in a tube like chap stick and it prevents outbreaks on your lips and stops the tingling. I also found Releev cold sore treatment for out breaks too. Together they have been affective. I wish you ladies the best, keep your head up and don't let this get to you the way it gets to me.


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