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I have AC for the first time in my life, age 55, and have had it for 3-4 weeks. Not as painful as some of you have, but an irritation to my brain! I don't have chapped lips, just the corner cracks. I went to webmd and posed the question to the group, and a DDS (dentist) replied.

Part of what I wrote to the community:
'My first question is this: can this be from oral sex? More specifically, my partner giving me oral sex and then kissing me and/or sharing with me my vaginal fluids after an orgasm? And if I have this issue and this IS the cause, is it likely that he has the same condition? This activity was about 1 week before I noticed the cracking on the corners of my mouth.'

'My second question: can this be spread this to him or another partner - kissing, oral sex, any way at all?'

The dentist was very helpful, I will quote some of her words.

'Angular Cheilitis is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. (I will get back to this later in my response).

Before I respond to your question you should be aware that candida is a normal part of your oral flora and is supposed to be in your mouth. It helps keep the bacteria and microorganisms that also live in your mouth in check. Therefore testing to see if you can grow candida on an agar plate is a waste of time and money, of course a culture will show growth of candida, as it is supposed to live in your mouth.
(then she talked about trush, which I'm sure I do not have)

What I can tell you is that regardless of why you have angular cheilitis, the clinical presentation of angular cheilitis is always due to a yeast infection.

Can you get it or give it to a partner during sex. Yes but the much more likely explanation is that you have an over growth of the fungal organisms that are supposed to live in your mouth.

My recommendation is to figure out first if you have an intra oral yeast infection. If you do, treat it with an OTC or prescription anti fungal preparation and most likely the corners of your mouth will improve.

The WORST possible thing to do is apply petroleum jelly to the affected area. Petroleum jelly is hydrophilic it will suck the moisture out of the thin skin of the lips and make the problem much worse and last longer. Vaseline is great for elbows but not the delicate skin of the lips.

So angular cheilitis is a chronic yeast infection. It will go away however dry mouth, dentures, medication, air conditioning, may all affect how quickly you will feel better.'

Credit to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP.

Sooooo, back to looking how to find out if I have an intra oral yeast infection. Haven't figured that out yet but I'm saying I do. I read up on it and 1) eat unsweetened yogurt, to balance the good bacteria that belongs in your mouth.

Also, i recently started a mouthwash that has alcohol in it (yuck yuck) and of course alcohol can be drying AND cause an imbalance of that good bacteria. no more of that! Also, I wear a bite guard at night, so like a mom does with a baby who has thrush, I'm now rinsing it with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. I AM going to get monistat today. It seems odd to me that anyone would put something that dries out your lips - since I feel as if the dryness is the what makes this NOT heal, (Vaseline for me for sure!, or alcohol, or even vinegar) on your lips/mouth, but if it works for you, then yay! I'm not a lip licker and I am trying to stop using lipgloss, even on the center of my lips, as i know it spreads.

Anyway, there is my few cents. Monistat may not be a home remedy but I'm going for it - it makes the most sense to be based on a yeast/fungal infection.


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You mentioned that you're stopping the use of lipgloss. Any reason?

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