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Melissa (>^.^)>

Tonight I got really sick of these two nasteh buggers so I rinsed my mouth with three things.

A mix of :


Lots of salt

And hydro peroxide

This might be the worse pain you will feel in your whole life but , my canker sores are gone within 3 minutes of swishing . Amazing !

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How much Hydro Peroxide?


Yes this works!!!!

Happy Mom

My 15 year old just tried this. His mouth has been hurting from canker sores (due to his braces) for several days. He says it's feeling pretty good now! Thanks :)


It hurts so bad but it's worth it! Almost as soon as I spit it out the pain was gone!


how much peroxide did u use


My infant son hit his head on my lip , the next 2 days I end up with a canker sore at same same area where he hurt me.
It's so painful and my lip swelling up a little too.

I did just as you've posted on here
I hope it'll go away soon


Holy crap. Let me just say. I had three on the inside of my lip that I have used every remedy for. I've been trying to get rid of thesefor a week. But this remedy totally works! They were gone as soon as I finished the cup. And the pain is too. This was so helpful and I am literally amazed. Try this and you will be too!


OMG!! I have dealt with mouth sores off and on for years. I have never been able to find anything that helps with the pain until I tried this. Immediately I could tell a difference. The pain had subsided a lot after just swishing with this one time. thank you!!!


Yeah... this doesn't get rid of them immediately. I tried it and it stings like hell and gets foamy from the peroxide... takes the pain away for a little bit right after... but DOES NOT make them disappear. It's not a magic cure, trust me!

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