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Fungi are living organisms which thrive in a damp, warm, dark environment with low oxygen levels. By eliminating their environment they die.

I have found the following regime to work very effectively :

1. For one week generously splash pure alcohol on each infected nail every morning especially after a shower and wait 2-3 minutes before placing your socks and shoes on. Repeat the process in the evening as soon as you take your shoes and socks off. Avoid wearing shoes and sock as much as possible during your free time at home.

After a week you will notice the infected areas of your nails have turned white and brittle. The fungus is beginning to die.

2. After a week,use a course or medium washable file you can buy at any drug store and meticulously file down the thickened nail to about what the thickness would be for a healthy nail (compare it to another healthy toe nail or if all your toes nails are infected compare the thickness to your thumb nails). Don't worry if you manage to get some bleeding.If the nail was badly infected it might break up during the filing. Remove the broken nail portion.

3. Once you have filed down all the infected nails, wipe away all the white powder off the nails using a tissue with alcohol. Do not use water.

4. Soak your toes in white vinegar for 20 minutes. The vinegar will penetrate your nails easier as they have been filed down. Use a clean dry cloth to dry your nails.

5. Apply Vicks VapoRub carefully covering each nail totally. Use a THICK application. This will stop the oxygen getting through helping to suffocate the fungus living inside the nail. Use slippers and as far as is possible try to expose your toes to some sunlight - the UV will help kill the fungus as well.

Except for the filing I repeated the process above every third day ( in between continue using the alcohol) because it's easy, it's quick especially in the mornings when we're in a rush.

Continue this regime for one month and unless you had nail roots totally destroyed, you will eliminate the fungus and grow perfectly healthy new nails. Like me :)

It's a bit of work but it's well worth it!

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what type of alcohol did you use?

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