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After reading all nine pages of your suggestions, I decided to give a vinegar&salt a go! I scubed it hard (painful!), till it almost bled, then rinsed with clear water, and applied vinegar only and let it dry! then I applied antifungal cream with steroids(for the itching) which I got from the doc and which didn't help before the scrubing! I understand now, that's what you have to do! scrub the layer of skin that builds up on the patch, dry it with anything - vinegar, alcohol, peroxide, mouthwash...anything that dries your skin and then apply antifungal cream, it will help because it will get sraight on to the ringworm since you scrubed the dead skin away! Good luck to everyone!

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I was diagnosed with ringworm by my doctor who advised an over the counter pharmaceutical spray. This had zero impact and the rash spread to around 20 areas on my body, arms and legs. A friend suggested using a diluted form of Dettol on a wet sponge in the shower. Within a few days it had completely disappeared and a year on there has been no further sign of it.


I had ringworm and nothing worked until I ordered Absorbine JR from the USA. It cured it within three days. I have two totally unused bottles. I put them up for sale on GumTree for £5 each. Just type in 'Absorbine' on the GumTree web site and you will find it. If you can't afford £5 I am willing to sell for a bit less. I need to get rid of them as I ordered too much.
Even the bottle I did use is 9/10 full. But it is also used for pain relief so I can use it when I get my gym membership.


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