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Hi, so I stumbled onto this website looking up remedies for my GW. I noticed i had something growing there for a few months but didn't know much about it. After reading about GW i began to suspect this was the case. I went out and bought some ACV and began to try this treatment.
Day1- not a lot of irritation in the morning and the one bump on the tip of the foreskin turned white. At the end of day 1 almost my entire foreskin turned white, however i was in the most excruciating pain! every few hours i reapplied the ACV and had it on all day and night. (more then what is recommend on the site but my gw turned black in about a day.)
Day2- This morning i woke up having put a cotton ball soaked with acv over the penis over night (painful and hard to fall asleep). To my surprise a lot of it scabbed over and turned black. The one bump become a lot smaller and black. Still in excruciating pain. To my surprise i have a huge GW on the tip of my head on top of the urethra opening. I am getting extreme pain through my urethra, but the mass on the head has a huge black mark and it is getting more black. also i had a bump inside my head, not sure if its related but its getting smaller so i think it was the GW.
Day 3- just woke up to post this I'm still in a lot of pain and it is very hard to continue the treatment. It is definitely working. My urethra is in a lot of pain but the pain is worth the results. Hopping that the mass on the head will go away in a few days. Will keep posted with results.

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I have a couple questions.... I just ACV for the first time today. I had what I THOUGHT were about 6 GW. I soaked 3 cotton balls and covered the entire area for 45 minutes. When I checked to see if they were turning white, only one seemed like maybe it was a little whitish possibly, the rest all looked the same. Will they always turn white if they're GW?

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