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a product called Kanka. i got it from Fred Meyers. AMAZING! i have been in pain for days. & honestly dont know what the issue is. tooth pain so bad it hurts in my neck & ear & eyes & head. thinking wisdom impaction, or exposed nerve. Needless to say i have tried so many things. i think my liver is about ready to die! i was at the point that NOTHING was working. not even clove oil which has been my go to for this pain. Anyways, someone recomended Kanka to me, & i was willing to try anything! i am so glad i did. hope that it can help someone else too. (: & hoping it will hold me over till i can be seen @ the walk in dental clinic! *ugh*

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Where did u get it at


it's well past midnight and i'm in so much pain from an exposed molar nerve with infection near the jaw line, am on T3 and cannibis and still rocking in pain. just put some kanka on, which i had for cold sores and this message just reminded of I have some... I'm still in severe pain, but just might make it through the night. Thanks for the suggestion


Saw this and may have to get some in the morning from the Walgreens. I cant see a dentist till I find one close to me that will take my insurance. Hoping this Kanka helps hold me over till I can see someone. This is awful....the pain is keeping me awake. :(


I was in so much pain over the past 3 days that I walked into CVS after taking 2 extra strength tylenol and advil and got some 1st Aid for the helped me at least stop feeling like I was going to die from pain.

Then I came home and my daughter brought me an ice pack from her lunch. I held it on my throbbing mouth (worse than childbirth in my opinion and experience) and after abotu 30 minutes, it has now been COMPLETELY GONE for about 4 hours!!!

I think it take the inflamation away; I'm not sure but SO THANKFUL!!!!

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