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I read 14 of the 22 pages of remedies and I haven't seen my favourite yet: French's yellow mustard (and yes, it HAS to be French's!) I walked in on my partner's grandmother having a serious charlie horse one day and she asked me to fetch the mustard and to make sure it wasn't dijon, just yellow. I thought it was the weirdest request ever! I brought this up to my own Nan and she said, 'Of course, that remedy is as old as time!' o.O Nobody told me this and I've been a RLS sufferer for years! That same night I got up, grabbed a tbsp and jammed that mustard down my throat. Blech!! I gotta tell ya, it REALLY does work! Even my sister who weight trains pulls out the French's mustard when she feels the spasms coming. I just wish this remedy could jump to the top of the list since it's a non-drug and costs pennies. I'm curious to hear of others success. Good luck, folks, and get some sleep! :D

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The yellow mustard might work because it contains turmeric. They have discovered that it is a powerful anti inflammatory, a blood thinner, a cancer preventer and they even think it has some positive implications for treating MS. I take it for my spinal arthritis and MS and It is nothing short of a miracle for me. The scientific name is bio curcumin PHYTOSOME. The PHYTOSOME is th plant molecule they bind it to so it is more absorbable.


Karen I have turmeric how do you use yours? Do you use it to cook with only? My legs are driving me crazy. I took requip but I don't like drugs, I want something natural but I need something quick before I go crazy, Thank you so much.


Melissa, you can buy turmeric capsules. If you cannot find at your local health food store, you can order at Try Solaray brand or Nature's Way. Here's hoping it will help you!


Are leg cramps/charlie horses the same thing? I do not think so. I have RLS and like everyone get leg cramps from time to time and the only similarity is that they are in my legs. In the 24 pages on this site, from time to time people write about leg cramps, but they aren't the same thing.


In the previous comment, I meant to say that I don't think that leg cramps/charlie horses are the asme thing as restless legs syndrome.

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