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Trust me

This is a remAdy to tell the differance between a ear ache and an ear infection. Put a few FEW drops of peroxide in your Hurt ear if you can hear a little bubbling/fizzing it's an infection not an ache if there's no bubbling/fizzing it's just an ache

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I have deformed ear canals that causes a lot of wax to build up and ear infections as a child. Everytime I go to the doctor for anything they look in my ears and ask me if they hurt by they're infected but they dont. The last time I went I was given a regular antibiotic for the infection. Didn't work. Then he gave me an antibiotic that was over a 100 a pill. Didn't work. He then told me to start regularly using peroxide to keep the wax from building up. When I first started doing this it fizzed like crazy every time I did it for a long time. After years of doing this several times a week I rarely have any fizzing. I have been doing this with my 4 1/2 year old on a regular basis and she has had 1 ear infection in her life which was before I started doing it regularly on her. I've become obsessed with it.???? Feels so good for an itchy ear. I stumbled across this thread by searching whether it was okay for dogs ears. My dog has been scratching at her ear for a while. I had attempted to put it in her ear several times before but she was freaked by the sound. I think it felt good to her though bc this last attempt she just laid there very still and let me do it. She had an enormous amount of yellow fizzing and the worst smell! I put some in the other ear and no fizzing at all.

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