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Trust me

This is a remAdy to tell the differance between a ear ache and an ear infection. Put a few FEW drops of peroxide in your Hurt ear if you can hear a little bubbling/fizzing it's an infection not an ache if there's no bubbling/fizzing it's just an ache

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i did that and it did bubble, it still feels clogged but doesn't hurt anymore! ???????? Thank you!


I am legally deaf . in my rt ear I have a cochlear implant. I used this ear cuz its my " bad ear" ..Well the past 6 months I've had one big ear infection. I'm waiting to be seen by a specialist. I have the deep itching so I use peroxide, I noticed that it started bubbling lime crazy within the first second with just one drop,so I added 2 more so I could see ,and Wow I couldn't believe the fixxing n bubbles,later after I've gotten it all out,my ear literally leaks really bad another reason I'm seeing a specialist. my left ear does absolutely NOTHInG,no bubbles whatsoever... Just sharing my experience

Please read all the comments

Everyone is responding to the comment that does not mention burning at all whatsoever. It incorrectly states that if there is bubbling/fizzing that indicates infection.


I put peroxide in my hear trying to see if it would help me get my hearing back it sounded like everything was muffle sounded before i done that the next thing i know it was burning the inside of my hear


It worked for me! My ear was swollen and hurting and I knew this was not bacterial but viral since I have like 2-3 infections a year. I was sick with brochitis about a month ago and it just irritated my ears and gave me an infection. I went to the doctors and she put me on antibiotic for ear and steroids for inflammation of the bronchioles. Now I got sick because my sister caught a virus. Ears started hurting again! My immune system was low because of all the previous meds. So I tried the peroxide and it bubbled like crazy!!!!!!! Left it in for 15 min when I took it out all this wax came out. I did this to both ears and the put a drop of alchohol in to evaporate the remainder, also put a warm cloth on top of the ear. Did this the next day and the pain is gone. Swelling is slowly residing as well.


My left ear was itchy yesterday. This morning I woke up to my ear feeling sore and swollen. I use all types of home remedies. I use Apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, h20, diluted white vinegar, mixing with any combination, etc. My ear is still swollen but not red no more. And it's so sore. Don't be an idiot like me. As soon as your swimmers ear starts to feel sore and swollen. Go to the er and get some antibiotics. I can hardly hear in my left ear and it feels so clogged. I can't unclogged it. This sucks. :(


I don´t think you should put it in your ear, because when i put it in my ear it made both my ears hurt and itch..... i don´t know if its a good or a bad thing. but when i did it it made my ears start fizzing.


My ear has been hurting for a week now and feels swollen on the inside. I can hear my heart beat. I just put poroxide and it bubbled like a volcano. Tried it on other ear and nothing. Is it infected?




When I was a child growing up in the country, doctors didn't have the equipment they do today and they wouldn't take it on house calls if they did. For myself, I have learned the type of fizzing that means an infection. If my ear(s) fizz and boil for at least 10 minutes, it's an infection. Afterwards there is usually more pain also. I can put peroxide in them and they don't fizz at all even with wax in there. Every body is different and we have to learn how ours responds. If you have a burst eardrum and put anything in your ear, the pain is so unbearable you will know without question.

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