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Trust me

This is a remAdy to tell the differance between a ear ache and an ear infection. Put a few FEW drops of peroxide in your Hurt ear if you can hear a little bubbling/fizzing it's an infection not an ache if there's no bubbling/fizzing it's just an ache

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Peroxide will fizz in the infected ear and hardly at all in the normal ear canal, did it five minutes ago


Nothing wrong with home remedies, but a little scientific knowledge should help. Peroxide 'fizzes' anytime it breaks down. Usually it is being broken down by a chemical called peroxidase. Peroxidase is produced by every single living thing on this planet. It is also found in nearly every single thing on this planet that was ever alive, like food, dead leaves etc.

Don't believe me? Pour some peroxide on a slice of banana and see what happens. It fizzes like crazy. Do you think the banana has an ear infection?

There are lots of reasons peroxide might fizz more in one ear than another. A small scratch will expose more of your bodies natural peroxidase which will cause more bubbling, even if there is no infection. Earwax which has trapped organic debris (dust, plant matter, hair etc) could be more prevalent in one ear than another and cause more fizzing. Think about what happens when you pour peroxide on a brand new cut or scrape, it fizzes right? Not because of an infection (which is not possible to happen immediately anyway) but because your body naturally makes peroxidase to break down peroxide, just like your ear does...

Just pointing out that more or less fizzing can in no way indicate an ear infection (nor does it mean that you have a banana in your ear!)


You should NEVER put something in your ear if you suspect you have an ear infection unless your doctor gives you the ok. It make your infection worse and damage your ear drum. Both of those will make it feel worse!


That's wax that is fizzing. An E.R. nurse told me to use hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears. Once it starts fizzing, tilt your head so it comes pouring out. If it burns on the way out, there is an infection. If it does not burn, it was just ear wax and nothing more.


I pour peroxide on my daughters cuts when she falls and scrapes her knee. I do it right after she falls and it fizzes up immediatly because of the dirt. not because of infection. peroxide breaks down things


When I was in jr. high, I got strep throat from my friends sister. I have really sensitive ears so it caused a severe ear infection as well. My doctor gave me antibiotics for both and he told me to use hydrogen peroxide to CLEAN my ears before using the prescribed ear drops. He also stated that I should do this whenever I have a cold or something that messes with my ears and I can also use it any other time to use as a general 'cleaner' to remove wax buildup. If it crackles, it's doing its job, and if it doesn't, then there's nothing to clean! It doesn't determine whether your ears are infected or not!


My daughter went in for a possible ear infection right after christmas. She was messing with the opposite ear. But the doctor had to actually remove some wax from her ear to look at the infected drum. He said that in all of his years of practice that he sees that happen alot where the body produces an abundance of wax in the infected ear. Probably why the fizzing occured only in that ear for you. My mom cleaned our ears with peroxide like once a week when we were little and we loved the fizzing sound it made.


Peroxide will bubble in the ear if theres any dirt in there so that does not mean its an infection.

Please read a comment all the way through

People need to take time to read the comments all the way through. Everyone is responding to the comment about it being an infection or not. It was clearly stating IF IT BURNED there could be an infection. NOT just if it bubbled. Please read throughly.

I Know The Truth!

It bubbles because of earwax, but it will bubble a lot if there is an infection! :D I hope I could help

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