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Trust me

This is a remAdy to tell the differance between a ear ache and an ear infection. Put a few FEW drops of peroxide in your Hurt ear if you can hear a little bubbling/fizzing it's an infection not an ache if there's no bubbling/fizzing it's just an ache

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This is completely false information. I use peroxide in my ear on a weekly basis, I have been doing so for over 25 years, it fizzes every single time and I promise I have not had a lifelong infection. People, consult your physician, do not self diagnose based off of invalid comments.

Trust me

Well I put peroxide in my ear that didn't hurt first no bubbling then into my hurt ear and lots of fizzing also a doctor told me this when I went to the doctor for an ear infection


It bubbles and fizzes when it comes in contact with ear wax.


This is a moronic statement and falls completely in the realm of foolishness that sustained dangerous and ignorant superstitious practices for centuries.


Totally doesn't work!


It fizzes . :) it seems to help. Let it sit for about 2 minutes.


i dont know about peroxide bubling usually this is ear wax that you hear not infection as it disolves the wax.

Not the mom

I've used peroxide in my ears a few times a year for 15 years. Sometimes it will stop the pain completely, not always. If I feel a scratch in my throat on the sides where my inner ear is, I'll use some peroxide in my ears sometimes it helps, if I catch it soon enough.


The peroxide fizzes because it is softening the ear wax. Not sure why, but the fact that you had an ear infection is a coincidence.


Peroxide will fizz because it eats away at the wax. It will not tell you whether its an infection or not. I use peroxide to clean my ears out every 2 weeks.

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