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I am anemic and I was a vegetarian for a long time. I slept well (7-12 hours) only drank tea and water so I knew it was not my health. And I have been using anti-aging creams since I was 14, but I always had dark circles. They were really bad, but I could cake on foundation to cover them up. Turns out mine were so bad because of my iron deficiency, everything else did not matter. IRON AND PROTEIN ARE ESSENTIAL IN FIXING THE DARK CIRCLES UNDERNEATH THE EYES.

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I don't understand last comment. If we are evolving then doesn't that include changing our diets? If we function, live and eat the same way our great great grandparents ate (steak, pork, etc.)then how are we evolving?


I've had dark circles forever I eat meat and vegiies. I as well am anemiec taking iron tabs daily. I sleep well the only thing that seemed to help some was a. good day of sunshine.

Vegan God

This post is old but seriously you people are ignorant af. Plenty of people who eat meat everyday are deficient in iron. Also, it isn't hard to get protein on a vegan diet, period. There are even plant based sources of b12 and supplements. As long as you get your vitamin levels checked regularly then you're fine. I don't see meat eaters getting their vitamin levels checked often, if at all, and a huge number of meat eaters are deficient in, you guessed it folks, iron! ????????????

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