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I am anemic and I was a vegetarian for a long time. I slept well (7-12 hours) only drank tea and water so I knew it was not my health. And I have been using anti-aging creams since I was 14, but I always had dark circles. They were really bad, but I could cake on foundation to cover them up. Turns out mine were so bad because of my iron deficiency, everything else did not matter. IRON AND PROTEIN ARE ESSENTIAL IN FIXING THE DARK CIRCLES UNDERNEATH THE EYES.

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every since I was born I have black marks under my eyes. How do I remove them?


You said to fix your 'iron and protein.' How do you fix your 'protein'?


Your use of caps makes me think you need a steak, a dark green leafy salad and some broccoli. I love when vegetarians condemn what benefits them in one sentence, yet love it in the next. So, natural protein from farm raised, free range wildlife, or synthetic protein via 'protein shakes'...have you read that label? Yuck!


You don't need meat to get iron and protein. If you eat a lot of leafy greens, beans, and nutritional yeast; you'll probably have a more protein and iron enriched than if you eat a steak. You'll also be able to get away from fatty acids and hormones that can also cause dark circles.


I'm anemic too and have the exact same problem, down to the being a vegetarian part. I hate the dark circles; I'm still in the process of eating mroe iron and protein enriched meals so I still cake on the cover up :/ hopefully I'll see results soon!


I am a vegetarian as well and my doctor did a blood test with me and she saw that I had very high iron content. She couldn't believe I was a vegetarian who eats no meat. Try eating spinach at every dinner. I usually eat a lot of spinach and that helps a lot. You don't need meat to get protein in your diet. And some of the protein shakes are ok like vega. But dont drink every day! Your body needs food not supplements.


Please add vitamin b12, iron supplement with vitamin c. Vitamin c helps in absorption of iron.


Dat might be true! I'm anemic as well!


you're anemic because you're a vegetarian. Humans are omnivorous.. meaning meat and foliage. Even if you feel 'bad' for eating thumper and bamby you can't undo millions of years of evolution on a whim in one human lifetime.


I agree with the last comment, vegetarianism is actually unhealthy. We need animal fats.

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