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So blessed to find this site and ran to Walgreens to get the toothache kit. Just want to warn everyone that there are two Red Cross kits that look exactly the same.The one I bought by mistake was called Red Cross Oral Pain Relief. There is not clove oil or eugenol in this has only benzocaine. Otherwise it looks exactly the same...little brown bottle, tweezers and a box of cotton pellets. The right one is called Red Cross Toothache. Its nice because the clove oil is already diluted to 85% with sesame oil so it doesn't burn much. I didn't use the cotton pellets because I was afraid of it getting stuck so I just used a Q-tip. And everyone is works like magic.

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Yeah...I got it stuck, I almost freaked out cause my the whole where my tooth was acted as a suction and I spend 10 minutes trying to get it out.


I am glad you mentioned this. I spent a good 10 minutes staring at two different things. One was the Red Cross Oral Pain Relief (which only has 20% benzocaine), and the other was the DenTek Toothache kit (with 85% eugenol). I bought the DenTek kit and I have been home for almost an hour with virtually no pain. I applied the oil to a cotton swab and applied to where it hurt in my mouth. It does burn, but works great!

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