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i had genital warts since i was a toddler. i honestly didnt know until 1 week ago, when i started treatment on the hundreds of tiny bumps on the shaft and head of my penis. i have one large wart on my shaft.
i used acv for a couple days with 30k ui vitamin E oil but i decided to buy some 100% tea tree which have been working great.
Half of the tiny warts that i had on my shaft for my whole life are going away. :)
i take supplements such as
vitamin C 2000mg
lysine 2000mg
garlic pills 6 a day
green tea extract 4 a day

I will return on monday with an update.. good luck guys.

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So genital warts are an STD- how does a toddler get such a thing?


If the mother has them, they can be passed on at birth.

southern gent

The tiny bumps you have may in fact be Angiofibromas which are also known as pearly penile papules. They are harmless and quite common in 20 to 48 percent of men. However, they are more common in males who haven't been victims of genital mutilation (uncircumcised). No need to worry about the tiny bumps, but the larger sounds like a genital wart.

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