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For brown spots after pimples, try these-- I've had brown spots for about a year, and these work!

1. Try rubbing Palmer's cocoa butter oil all over your face at night before going to bed. (avoid your eye area) Dab at excess oil, wash off in the morning.

2. Rubbing fresh lemon juice and tomato juice all over your face. Wait for fifteen minutes, then wash off with cold water.

3. Honey is anti-bacterial, so rub honey all over your face. Wait fifteen minutes and wash off with cold water.

4. Make a mask out of oatmeal (not flavored) and honey. Let it dry on your face. This will remove oil from oily skin, and it exfoliates your skin if you rub it in circles while washing it off.

Hope these work for you!

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Prachi Potter

Lemon thing works really effectively!!! it also makes the skin spft

Taylor W.

I don't think i could handle putting something on my face especially something sticky like honey.


Do you mix the lemon juice and tomato juice together and apply on the face or you apply them separately?


Do you cook the oatmeal??.


does the lemon juice and tomato juice goes fine with all skintypes


I also need to know if I mix lemon with tomato source. Or I apply them separate!

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