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I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, and I thought that I would feel the worst pain the day of the surgery or the day after. Initially, everything was going well until I developed excruciating pain in one of the sockets. 600 mg prescription-strength motrin and vicodin do very little to provide pain relief, and I worry about taking too much of the stuff. I decided to check out this website and I found out about clove oil. I didn't have any on hand (it was 3:30 AM) so I made some by mixing ground cloves with a little olive oil. I placed it around the socket with a q-tip and then stuck a piece of gauze soaked in the oil in the extraction site. Instant relief! I have been in constant pain for at least 2 days, and this is the first that I feel like I may be able to sleep until morning. I highly recommend this for anyone going through the pain of dry socket.

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This was a great idea mixing ground cloves with olive oil! I tried it, and it is better than the toothache medicine at the store because you can add more of the cloves to it, and also cheaper if you already have the cloves and oil. I had 7 teeth pulled about 3 days ago, and have a splitting headache from this dry socket. Went to the dentist yesterday, had it packed, and bought the toothached medicine, but spilled most of it on the bathroom sink after taking vicadon for two days. I can't function taking those. Ground cloves and olive oil is the best remedy yet!

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