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My grand Daughter has had poison ivy for 3 days and we have tried everything but today we put white mint toothpaste on it and guess what it is working! She is 8 yrs old and has had it before, I don't want to use anything with chemicals in it. I am soooo happy that the toothpaste is working! We put it on kind of thick and just left it on there to dry she said she can feel it drying and it has stopped itching. YAY Oh and the toothpaste also gives instant reliefe for a bee sting I have used it for that before and it works wonders.

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yes but toothpast atualy does have a chemical in it, fluoride. and that is possibly what kills the poison ivy


Do you have to break open the blisters?:-/


i always but toothpaste on mosquito bites and it works wonderfully for that also.


Thanks for the advice. I have tried everything and after reading your post, i tried the toothpaste. Within minutes the itching has stopped and I can feel it drying up.


Read 9 pages and went with the toothpaste, was just about ready to go to the hospital, now I am itch free but a little sticky. Thank you for the keen advice.

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