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20 year old girl

I suffered from bolemia. Angular chelietus is a symptom from my disorder which didn't occur at first. But from the build up of bacteria on my lips from my constant vomiting it eventually did.

At first I thought it was just a cold sore so I put abreva. The first time this worked but after about 2 weeks of constantly applying. The second time it came back I started to research because I had never had cold sores and I didn't want to suffer for weeks again. That's when I came upon this site and reliezed it was more than just a cold sore. At first I got scared reading how people suffered for years. But I'm optimistic and I have aspirations of being a model and was not going to let this get the best of me.

My remedy was pieces of a few remedies and in less than 5 days I'm basically cured and all for under $10.

1- wash area with antibacteria soap, inside and outside mouth after of course brushing your teeth (change your toothbrush just to be safe)

2- dry the area with Qtips, don't use the same side for each side if u have it on both because this is a fungus infection you don't want to spread the germs

3- use rubbing alcohol (I used one with 50% alcohol) to clean the AC then I fanned my lips and again dryed them with the Qtips because bacteria breeds in wet surfaces

4- I for the first 2 days because I had off from work applied pure petroleum jelly individually on each sides of my lips with AC and on my actual lips and then topped the AC with baking soda, this helped dry out the AC and kill most of the fungus, it reduced the cracks by 50% and dried out the fungus. I no longer had ugly scabs.

5- I repeated that 3 times a day for 2 days and then switched the baking soda to vagisil and the petroleum jelly to aquaphor, used to treat cracked dry lips EXCEPT I applied the vagisil first then used aquaphor to keep my lips from being dry.

By day 4 I'm almost completely CURED! When I wash with the soap I scrub off the dead skin that used to be scabbed and is now soft. You would never think just 4 days ago I had unsightly scabs and flaking by my lips. I'm excited and happy to have my face back. I was a constant lip licker and definitely will NOT be anymore. I now plan on using aquaphor as a chap stick to prevent the AC from returning. GIRLS I know it's hard but try not to cover with makeup because it just makes it worse and dispose of anything that made contact with the AC because it is not infected.

I hope this helps everyone because I was so worried that I would be screwed and this was my cure and I think it will work for others!! Good luck!

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